Martha Sturdy’s wood sculpture art is a series of pieces made from her interest and love of wood. Each piece has it’s own uniqueness and draws on her interest in nature and her surroundings. “There is a primal power and majesty to the forest. I sometimes ride through the forest on horseback and it’s exciting to see it from a different angle. This is where I draw my inspiration.”

Martha Sturdy’s wood sculpture art is created by selecting wood and carefully burning it in the Japanese practice known as sugi ban. By burning the wood she reveals the uniqueness and personality of each piece under its bark. By stripping away the interior she unveils the tree’s history and story.

“I started experimenting with cedar almost 20 years ago. I have always been drawn to a black aesthetic, first in the works of artists like Louise Nevelson and Franz Kline, and then in Japan in the early 1980’s”